Announcements • August 19, 2020

Inaugural H.E. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Lecture by Claire Weisz, CSU Award Winner

Claire Weisz is a founding partner of WXY, known for their innovative approach to community, public space, structures, and cities.

Reports • July 18, 2020

World Habitat Day, October 5, 2020: Post-Pandemic Cities

The UN-Habitat’s commitment to a vision of a “better quality of life for all in an urbanizing world” is emboldened by the World Habitat 2020 theme, Housing for All: A Better Urban Future. With the projected increase of...

2020 marks the beginning of the 5th cycle of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation.

On May 26, Daniel Zarrilli, New York City’s Chief Climate Policy Advisor and OneNYC Director, said, “We are going through an unbelievable trauma during this ongoing COVID-19 crisis” but described how New York City...

Insights • July 2, 2020

“The New Normal?”

It is beyond obvious that the familiar world we knew in 2019 will not be the world we return to in 2021.

Announcements • July 2, 2020

Publication Launch

Sustainable Urbanization at the UN for Architects and other Design Professionals

This publication introduces the impressive work done by the United Nations in the area of sustainable urbanization to architects, planners, and design professionals. They are and will be playing a fundamental role...

Insights • July 2, 2020

COVID-19, Technology, and the Rebirth of Cities

COVID-19 has hit cities particularly hard. As big cities like New York, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Sao Paolo, and many others around the world turned into hot spots of COVID-19, the well-heeled are reported to have left them...

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