Please join CSU as we welcome our guest speaker David Rudlin, and moderator Mariana Rodriguez Orte on Wednesday, March 13, 2024 from 12 PM – 1 PM ET for our next Green Cities Event of 2024!


David Rudlin is a highly respected urbanist and master planner in the UK and is the urban design director of BDP, an international architect with offices across the world including New York. David will talk about his current work on a plan for the development of the Broad Marsh shopping mall in the city of Nottingham and its wider relevance to UK Cities.

David is the author of four books including Climax City published in 2019, which was Urban Design Book of the year in 2020. This explored the natural process of urban growth and how it is shaped by master planning and coding. The findings are applied in David’s master planning work and led to his appointment as the lead author of the UK Government’s National Model Design Code.

His most recent book is High Street: How our town centres can bounce back from the retail crisis. The book includes Nottingham Broad Marsh as a case study and David’s team have since been appointed to develop a master plan for the site based on a concept originally created by Heatherwick Studio.

As in the US there is an over-provision of retail space in the UK and some malls are suffering. Unlike the US many of these malls, such as Broad Marsh, are in the centre of cities posing the question of what to do with them. The Heatherwick plan sought to strip the mall back to its concrete frame and fill it with creative activity. The community through the city’s ‘Big Conversation’ wanted it to be a park. Meanwhile the city has run out of money!

David will describe the process that BDP have been through to resolve these competing issues and to create a sustainable scheme.


David Rudlin

David is director of urban design at BDP and was previously director of URBED (Urbanism, Environment and Design). He is a past Chair of the Academy of Urbanism and Visiting Professor at Manchester School of Architecture.

A planner by training he spent his early career working on the on the redevelopment of Hulme in Manchester and has been responsible for many realised masterplans including the New England Quarter in Brighton. His current focus is the redevelopment of the Broad Marsh shopping centre in Nottingham.

He was one of the principal authors of the UK Government’s National Model Design Code published July 2021 and with Nicholas Falk was the winner of the Wolfson Economics Prize in 2014 for an essay on Garden Cities.

His most recent book High Street written with Lucy Montague and Vicky Payne was published in 2023 and his previous book Climax City, written with Shruti Hemani, was published in 2019 and won the UDG’s book of the year award. He also writes a monthly column for Building Design Magazine.


Mariana Rodriguez Orte

Mariana Rodriguez Orte - Pontificia Universidad Católica de ...

Mariana is a NYC based architect and holds a master’s in urban design and PhD (c) in Architecture and Urban Studies. She has experience working in urban planning, design and architecture in the UK, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and the US. She has worked on a wide range of projects for both the private and public sector such as master planning, private housing and office developments, high-end retail, project management, regional plans, coastal management, historical districts and suburban retrofitting. She is currently a professor of Ecology at Ort University in Uruguay.

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