Insights • February 17, 2021

Social Distancing Lawn Brings People Together

In the midst of COVID-19-related uncertainty, Galeria EL Art Centre in Elbląg, Poland, came up with a simple yet clever idea, turning a spacious lawn in its publicly accessible courtyard into a green chessboard.

Rio de Janeiro’s Sustainable Favela Network, managed by non-profit Catalytic Communities, is a community-based network that connects, strengthens and multiplies sustainability and resilience-building...

COVID-19 is very much an urban disease. What does this mean for the world’s fastest-urbanizing region, Africa? The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing the interdependence and vulnerability of our world. As we know, the...

On May 26, Daniel Zarrilli, New York City’s Chief Climate Policy Advisor and OneNYC Director, said, “We are going through an unbelievable trauma during this ongoing COVID-19 crisis” but described how New York City...

Insights • July 2, 2020

“The New Normal?”

It is beyond obvious that the familiar world we knew in 2019 will not be the world we return to in 2021.

Insights • July 2, 2020

COVID-19, Technology, and the Rebirth of Cities

COVID-19 has hit cities particularly hard. As big cities like New York, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Sao Paolo, and many others around the world turned into hot spots of COVID-19, the well-heeled are reported to have left them...

Insights • July 1, 2020

News from Mexico, Informally Facing COVID

At this point in 2020, no matter what city you live in, you have probably had to get used to life in lockdown, social distancing, and constant handwashing. You have probably also gotten used to holding work and social meetings...

Insights • July 1, 2020

The Transformation of the Cycling Culture in Warsaw

In recent years, riding a bike in Warsaw on properly built bike lanes has become a frequently seen sight, but it has not always been like this.  

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