The Habitat Professionals Forum has produced a Roadmap to Recovery from the major shocks to our global economic social systems. Here is an excerpt from the executive summary:

The pandemic has been regressive in its impacts. The pressure to recover quickly by a return to “business as usual” would, however, be a huge error. COVID-19 has laid bare long-standing inequities faced by people around the world. Inequality in gender, race, and disability have come to the fore. Gaps in healthy life expectancy and opportunity have deepened. The recent progress that has been made in reducing poverty and in improving living conditions in the most vulnerable communities has been put at risk.

The existential threat of climate change has therefore been exacerbated by the ongoing global disruption caused by the pandemic. These challenges have been compounded by international conflict and threaten the hope for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their delivery through the New Urban Agenda.

An age of radical uncertainty has been created which calls out for a Roadmap that leads the way to just and regenerative recovery of cities, towns, and regions

In response to these concerns, HPF has set out a Roadmap for a Just and Regenerative Recovery. It sets out the key steps that now need to be taken in order to respond to, and recover from the pandemic, and to build resilience to future global shocks.

View the complete roadmap from UN-Habitat.

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