Did you know that 1 square meter of stable wall can be constructed in under 2 minutes, saving time and money on efficiency? And that this can be accomplished without the environmental impact of extracting any new materials from the earth?

At the World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen, I learned about how the team at Lendager is making this possible. Resource Row used recycled bricks that were deconstructed as “superbricks” maintaining a square meter structure, eventually saving time and money in the construction process, and creating a beautiful facade for new housing in the city (pictured below).

I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Antonella Ingrid E. and Kathrine Hagemann Snabe from The Royal Danish Academy who are researching the impact of construction packaging and the potential to create a more circular system for the sustainable delivery and transport of construction materials – much needed research! Read more here: https://lnkd.in/eXuhNuYZ

Thank you again to the Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization for this wonderful opportunity.

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