NewsApril 26, 2024

CSU Presents at the Public Space Challenges Symposium and Workshop

On April 25, 2024 CSU Co-Founder Lance Jay Brown, FAIA,  presented and moderated at the Public Space Challenges: From Theory to Practice to Policy International Conference at Pratt Institute.

The conference was organized and hosted by Luisa Bravo, Founder and President of City Space Architecture and David Burney, Academic Director at Pratt Institute, who noted the challenges of public spaces well “Public space is a key element for sustainable urban development. Despite its broad and context-specific meaning, public space is the social glue that can contribute to advancing mutual trust, cooperation, and solidarity. However, too often public space is not listed as a primary question in the urban agendas of politicians and local governments, but rather as a collateral component, mostly intended as design activity related to landscape urbanism or infrastructure facilities. Major concerns for cities and built environments are defined through different categories and expertise related to housing, services, infrastructure, environmental issues, and technological solutions that also generate investment and provide funding opportunities while academic research on public space is well established through cross disciplinary approaches and investigation, there is a lack of interest or an unprepared expertise in defining a comprehensive urban strategy for local implementation, that is built around humans and their life in the public domain.”

Mr. Brown moderated the “Educational Perspectives on Public Space (teaching)” panel which included CSU Board member Anna Rubbo. Other panelists were Alice Covatta from University of Montreal, Canada, Michelle Pannone from Marywood University, and David Burney from Pratt Institute.

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