NewsAugust 7, 2023

Changing a Car Centric Space to a Human Centric Urban Space

CSU's Prof. Gernot Riether and fellow NJIT Prof. Andrzej Zarzycki are currently working with the city of Krems in Austria to transform a street for pedestrians.

The renowned NJIT’s School of Architecture (USA) is currently working with its students on the art mile in Krems to make public space more attractive in Lower Austria’s most important art and culture cluster.

The Kunstmeile Krems offers a dazzling and internationally successful cultural institution on a stretch of just one mile at the gateway to the Wachau and offers an extraordinary program of diverse contemporary art.

Historic and contemporary buildings are gathered along these 1.6 kilometers, which make the city of Krems attractive for visitors from all over the world and its own population. Nevertheless, the public space between the museums, galleries, literature and building culture facilities is still waiting for a quality of life in the open space that is pleasant for everyone, which makes rapid measures necessary in times of climate change and increasing sealing.
In this urban area, which should be a diverse space as well as a meeting place for communities of all ages and all cultures, there is still a lot of potential that has not yet been salvaged.

The AIR – ARTIST IN RESIDENCE program of the state of Lower Austria, the Kunstmeile Krems Betriebs GmbH and the ORTE architecture network Lower Austria are therefore particularly pleased that the international perspective of students at the NJIT under the direction of Prof. Gernot Riether and Prof. Andrzej Zarzycki the Possibilities examined the potential of Kunstmeile as a future public space.

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