AnnouncementsSeptember 14, 2022

New CSU Membership Program

For more than ten years, CSU has advanced creative solutions to today’s urban challenges. Now you have the opportunity to become a CSU Fellow or a Friend of CSU to add your voice to the critical discourse on implementing sustainable urbanization in our cities.

Become a CSU Fellow

Your participation as a Fellow of the CSU will ensure your access to cutting-edge sustainable urbanization discussions and will broaden your professional network. 

  • Costs only $100 per year (fully tax-deductible) and payable here.
  • Allows designation as a Fellow of the CSU
  • Indicates interest in the CSU mission 
  • Provides invitations to CSU events 
  • Gives access to our quarterly newsletter and event listings
  • Benefits from Event cost discounts as well as discounted rates on journal advertisements 
  • Provides opportunities to author articles in our journal, present case studies, and participate in debates

Become a Friend of CSU

Increase your awareness of cutting-edge sustainable urbanization discussions and can broaden your professional network. Simply add your name to our mailing list.

  • Free
  • Email address required
  • Allows designation as a Friend of CSU
  • Indicates support of CSU’s mission 
  • Invitations to some CSU events 
  • Access to our quarterly newsletter and event listings 
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