InsightsJune 21, 2021

Building a More Equitable and Sustainable Future

How are emerging designers imagining NYC’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and building a more equitable and sustainable future? Pratt Institute’s recent graduate student Kats Tamanaha proposes an integrative green infrastructure and urban agriculture master plan for the six-superblock NYCHA campus in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Proposal for an agricultural corridor at the six-block NYCHA campus in Brownsville, Brooklyn.
 Agricultural corridors would be connected to a central greenspace. View from above

Transforming the existing streetscape into a series of interconnected agricultural corridors harvests rainwater for self-sustaining irrigation, provides immediate access to fresh produce, mitigates air pollution and obesity-related health impacts, decreases the urban heat island effect, and creates long-term economic growth for local residents. Tamanaha is the first student to complete a dual MFA in Interior Design and MS in Sustainable Environmental Systems.

View more of Kats’s work on the Pratt Shows.

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